Are you tired of working for someone else? Do you feel like you are stuck in a job with no
advancement? If you want more control of your situation and are excited for a challenge with
a strong desire to succeed, we have an alternative to offer you.

The Tip & Sip Cafe was established in 2010. It is a sit down and take out restaurant nestled
in a neighbourhood providing top quality food, drinks, desserts and ice creams. From our
made to order fresh approach in creating delicious snacks and meals alongside many of our
Fair Trade and Organic drinks, we have developed both the management structure and
formula for success within our recently established franchise company. We also offer free
Wi-Fi and a limited catering service.

As demographics change so does The Tip & Sip Café. Our goal is to willingly adopt trends
that best suit our customers, while still adhering to the high standards and quality that has
come to be expected. We recently added a vegan menu to our many highly recommended
delicious healthy food options. Now breakfast, lunch and dinner can be enjoyed by all. Our
open mindedness will result in co-operation with our franchisees to help create top notch
customer satisfaction as reflected on Trip Advisor and other media sights.

We are looking for individuals with good business sense, passion for cooking, an eye for
detail and the love of serving others in a way that exceeds other traditional places.
Experience in restaurant and or fast food background is necessary. We believe in a hand in
glove relationship with our franchisees. Your success is our success.

What We Offer:

 A chance to run your own business with leadership that has walked the talk before you.
 Support in the areas of operations, training prior to opening, ongoing support,
marketing, design and construction, store locating, retrofitting, purchasing and
 Personal satisfaction both as a franchisee and as a member of a The Tip & Sip Family.
 Franchise cost varies between $382K and $585K.
 Store size varies between 1100 and 1300 sq ft.
 As we are breaking into the market as a franchise corporation, we are offering a
substantial reduction in cost for our current location. There would be no Franchise fee
of $25K regularly charged as well as a waiver of the Royalty fee of 6% and Marketing
fee of 2% for the first 6 months.
 In the case of the second location the opening cost will still be less than what the normal
cost would be which would be implemented on the third and further locations. The

Franchise fee of $25K will be paid together with the 6% Royalty and 2% Marketing fee
from the start.

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