About Us


About Us

We fell in love with the concept of a small, bistro style cafe after travelling extensively throughout Europe.  The level of service and the quality, home cooked food that was fresh made to order.

Adele and I wanted to bring a piece of that back with us and share it with the people of Barrie.

At the Tip & Sip Cafe we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers. Regardless of whether you’re a regular whom we see on a daily basis for a morning coffee and muffin or you’re just stopping in on your way to the cottage, you will always be treated like a friend.

We pride ourselves on getting to know you when you visit and we try our best to remember just how you like your coffee, your omelette or salad the next time you visit. Attention to detail is our trademark.

Tip and Sip Cafe is popular with, and suitable for everyone. Teenagers love devouring our poutine platter and seniors love to share our large sandwiches.  We’ve recently introduced a vegan menu too, including breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Dairy free milks are always available at no extra cost.

Our fair trade, organic teas and coffee are hand selected for their flavour and quality so you’re not just getting any old cup of coffee.  If tea is your preference we have a selection of 12 varieties for you to choose from.  We always serve your drinks in a warmed mug or cup and a piece of delicious, dark chocolate. It’s these extras that make us a favourite in town.

We are also happy to help you cater your offsite events or host your parties or, business meetings here at the cafe. If you’re joining us for a business meeting or need to work while you’re here you’ll be glad to hear we offer free WiFi too.

We look forward to welcoming you into the cafe.

Tony & Adele


Monday 7:30am 8:00pm
Tuesday 7:30am 8:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am 8:00pm
Thursday 7:30am 8:00pm
Friday 7:30am 9:00pm
Saturday 8:30am 5:00pm